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Skills-based job ads powered by AI
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Identify applicant’s soft & hard skills
Increase & rank your talent pool
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Ensure diversity & inclusion
Easy-to-use ATS
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Professional applicant reports
Select top talent with precision

Recruit without risk. Success-based & flexible pricing

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Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee¹

Recruitment platform

Use case:
Access the platform and run the recruitment yourself, or via your HR department

Price per successful hire


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Selected top candidates
Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee¹


Use case:
TalentMesh will run your recruitment, and schedule interviews with talented applicants for you. You also have platform access

Price per successful hire


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Organizing customized plan


Use case:
You run a large number of recruitments, and require special support, or pricing arrangement, like subscription-based payments

Price per successful hire


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1: Satisfaction guarantee means that if the hire stays less than 6 months in the job a replacement hire will be provided for free2: Fee calculated as a percentage of first year's base salary plus bonus at time of hire. If the hire stays less than 6 months in the job a replacement hire will be provided for free.

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