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Pre-Employment Emotional Intelligence Test

Build high-performing teams and recruit natural leaders

Most company objectives are achieved through teamwork, and research shows that emotional intelligence plays a crucial role. TalentMesh's emotional intelligence test let’s you find team players and natural leaders in just 8 minutes.

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What is an emotional intelligence test?

An emotional intelligence test is designed to measure the ability to which an individual can recognize, understand and work with own as well as other people’s emotions. An emotional intelligence test is also referred to as an EQ test, and in certain settings it can be a better predictor of success than IQ.

High EQ teams generally perform better.

What is an emotional intelligence test for recruitment?

An emotional intelligence test for recruitment is focused on measuring the emotional intelligence required to succeed at the work place. Generally it can be broken down into emotional awareness & control and the use & communication of emotions in a workplace setting.

These will affect both the ability to perform in a team and the ability to lead other people. Applicants with high emotional intelligence will generally be better to build relationships, reduce team stress, defuse conflict, and many other workplace related skills.

TalentMesh’s pre-employment emotional intelligence test is built to
drive work place performance

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Leader performance

Assess the ability to lead based on the emotional intelligence that is critical for effective leaders. This includes the ability to understand and listen to the emotional needs of team members, while maintaining composure in stressful situations

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Team performance

Evaluate an applicant’s ability to work effectively in teams to achieve common goals. Measure the ability to understand others team members emotions, and to use emotions to motivate team members to overcome difficult situations

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Individual performance

Measure the ability to understand own emotions, and ensure higher individual performance by hiring applicants with high emotional intelligence. Performance is linked to job satisfaction, and research shows that higher EQ leads to higher job satisfaction

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We measures the emotional intelligence characteristics that matter

Emotional awareness


Appraisal of others' emotions


Appraisal of own emotions

Emotional Control


Regulation of own emotions


Regulation of other’s emotions

Communication of emotions


Verbal expression of emotion


Non-verbal expression of emotion

Use of emotions


Emotion-based decision-making


Use of emotion

We break it into expected behaviors in just 8 minutes


Appraisal of others' emotions

Knows when people are lying

Predicts the actions of others

Reads body language and facial expressions

Reads the thoughts, emotions, moods, and motives of others

Understands the reasons for other people's emotions

Emotional intelligence is one of the strongest predictors of workplace performance. That’s why we break the emotional intelligence characteristic into more than 30 traits and expected behaviours. This allows you to get a very detailed understanding of an applicant’s emotional intelligence, that you can use for the job interview, selection and onboarding. Further, we provide customized interview questions based on the EQ results, and the test takes only 8 minutes to complete.

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Administering it is as easy as one, two & three.


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Customized your test


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Frequently Asked Questions

A structured and reliable way to test emotional intelligence is to administer an emotional intelligence test. However, it is important that the emotional intelligence test has been validated by a phycologist and is documented to be reliable.

We don’t recommend to try and test emotional intelligence as part of a job interview. We recommend to administer an emotional intelligence test ahead of the interview. This ensures that all applicants can be tested on a fair basis, and you can use the results to prepare for the interview. This also frees up time to focus on other aspects, like testing job-relevant skills or culture fit.

A study by CareerBuilder has shown that 71% of companies prefer emotional intelligence over IQ, and 59% would not hire an applicant with high IQ, but low emotional intelligence. This is because emotional intelligence is critical for preforming in a team setting and to lead others. Hence, companies hire for emotional intelligence to increase the performance of their workforce.

According to Harvard Business Review, emotional intelligence (also known as EQ), accounts for around 90% of what sets higher performers apart from average and low performers, when they have similar technical skills. EQ can outperform measures like IQ or technical skills, as a high EQ helps fostering strong relationships, effective communication, and conflict resolution, which is critical to succeed in the modern workplace.

EQ is an abbreviation for emotional quotient, which essentially just means emotional intelligence. Hence, an EQ test is simply an emotional intelligence test.

Multiple studies have confirmed a high emotional intelligence is one of the defining characteristics for high performing employees and leaders. Hence, an emotional intelligence test can be an accurate predictor of workplace performance. However, the tests must have been validated by a phycologist and shown to be reliable.

Emotional intelligence test is just one piece of the hiring puzzle.

To find your perfect match, take advantage of our full suite of quality pre-employment tests.

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Personality test

Identify an applicant’s personality fit for the job based on an improved Big 5 personality test, that customizes content and scoring to the specific job function.

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