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Next-gen AI recruiting software

The future of HR is here
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Attract, manage, interview, and hire the best with TalentMesh. Our next-generation recruitment management system combines automated applicant sourcing & tracking, executive-grade talent assessment, structured interviews, and data-driven decision-making.

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AI-driven recruitment software combines automated applicant sourcing, tracking, talent assessment, and structured interviews.

Used by some of the best, including

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and 250+ other companies

Attract applicants with ease

Source multiple candidates with recruitment links

Don’t limit the amount of applicants. Share your TalentMesh recruitment with an unlimited number of potential applicants by creating an open link to your recruitment.

An invitation link to the recruitment could be inserted in a job ad or sent via email to the potential applicants.

Manage applicants on a next-gen ATS

Our next-gen ATS helps to simplify the hiring process and hire performance-based top performance.

Simplify the hiring process

Our ATS structures the hiring process around objective data linked to performance. This allows us to remove processes that are unnecessary or can lead to unconscious biases, creating a simpler, faster and more accurate hiring process.

Find the ideal profile, and identify hidden talent

Our algorithms create an ideal applicant profile, based on the personality characteristics and skills required to succeed in the role. We then use talent assessment to match all applicants to the profile, so you can identify “hidden” talent in your existing pool of applicants.

Improve the candidate experience

We provide an unrivalled candidate experience. All applicants will be given a fair chance to showcase their unique personalities and skills and can be informed of the hiring decision significantly earlier, due to the simplified hiring process.

Talent score comparison helps identify top performers matching an ideal candidate profile.

Interview like a pro

Know your applicant, and ask the questions that matter

We break an applicant's personality into more than 100 different characteristics and rate each based on the relative importance for the job. We provide the results in modern applicant reports, that provide a structured framework for the interviews and include interview questions customized to each applicant.

Our applicant report provides a structured framework for the interview and includes customized questions for each applicant.

Hire the best with TalentMesh

Holistic evaluation of job fit

Combine job-specific personality, aptitude, emotional intelligence and skills to build a holistic picture of the potential of all applicants, and evaluate how they fit via the easy-to-interpret talent score.

Hire with scientific precision

Utilize the unique combination of ideal candidate profiles, objective performance data, and rigorous talent assessment tests to select the best match for the job

A personality score overview gives recruiters a detailed breakdown of applicants' characteristic scores and importance for a particular job.

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