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Recruitment made easy - find top talent, every time

Expand your talent pool: Access personality, aptitude and skills data for all applicants, so you can find more talent in your existing applicant pool
Reduce time to hire: Manage your recruitments in TalentMesh’s applicant tracking system, and simplify your hiring process around objective data
Select top performers: Combine comprehensive talent assessment data & scores with customised interview questions to select true top performers
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Spot the best with TalentMesh

The TalentMesh platform will ensure you gather talent assessment data on every recruitment. The platform will create a suite of pre-employment tests for your unique hiring situation, and embed it directly in your recruitment.

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Holistic evaluation

Combine personality, aptitude, emotional intelligence and skills tests to build a holistic picture of applicant potential

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Job-specific matching

Evaluate applicants based on job-specific tests, where content and scoring are tailored to the specific job or industry

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Screen for hidden talent

Screen all applicants based on talent assessment data. This remove biases, and helps you find “hidden” talent, expanding the talent pool

Best-in-class applicant tracking system

The TalentMesh platform simplifies your recruitment by structuring it around objective data, and removes unnecessary & time consuming processes that could lead to unconscious biases. This results in a shorter time to hire, and improved hiring accuracy.

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Track your recruitments with ease

View the progress of your full recruitment in a simple overview. Track and compare applicants from the decision cockpit, or deep dive into a single applicant’s results

Make accurate hiring decisions

Applicants are ranked by performance, for easy decision making. We summarize results into a single score for at-a-glance comparison, and provide detailed scores for deeper analysis.

Ensure best-practice communication

Provide timely communication to all applicants, and ensure communication is based on best practices. TalentMesh’s integrated email templates makes best practice communication a breeze.

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TalentMesh amplifies the applicant experience

  • Remove biases: All applicants will be given a fair chance to prove if they are a match, by completing the same pre-employment tests, removing bias from the screening process.

  • Ensure on-time feedback: Selected applicants can be informed of the hiring decision earlier, due to a significantly reduced time-to-hire. Further, applicants not selected can be informed via automated rejection emails.

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A recruitment platform built to connect great people

The TalentMesh platform is built to find and connect great people. We use science backed talent assessment tests to identify top performers, and use the data from these assessments to match them to jobs where they are likely to succeed.

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Built by industry experts, validated by psychologists

Our tests are built from the ground up by a team of industry experts and exceptional psychologists. This enable us to offer uniquely powerful pre-employment tests that you can rely on.

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Achieving exceptional reliability

Good is not good enough. All tests go through rigorous validation to achieve outstanding reliability. For example, the TalentMesh Personality Test has achieved an industry leading reliability score.

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