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Skills-based applicant tracking system (ATS)

People are more than their CV

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Identify, track, and hire people based on their actual skills. Center your hiring process around objective people data, and unlock better and faster hiring outcomes.

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Skills-based applicant tracking system that helps to identify, manage and hire people based on their actual skills.
Skills-based applicant tracking system that helps to identify, manage and hire people based on their actual skills.

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What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) simplifies recruitment by managing, tracking, and facilitating the hiring cycle. From sourcing and screening candidates to the final hiring decision, an ATS serves as a central hub for all your recruitment needs.

Why use an applicant tracking system for recruitment?

An ATS system can significantly improve the hiring process. It allows for all applicant data to be collected in an organized manner, that allows for professional management and tracking of applicants. The systems create value for recruiters and companies by facilitating a faster time to hire, a less time-intensive hiring process, and providing a better experience for the applicants.

Recruiter using ATS to source, manage, interview, and hire top talent.

A people data centric ATS

We understand that the secret to a successful business is based on its people. That's why our ATS doesn't just process applications. Our system identifies the unique skills of every single applicant and matches them to the ideal profile of the specific role, ensuring you always hire the best candidate.

Create a skills-based recruitment in 3 min

Create a recruitment in just 3 min by providing information on your unique hiring situation. Based on this, our algorithms will identify the required soft and hard skills and structure your recruitment around it.

TalentMesh's applicant tracking system allows the creation of custom recruitments easy and fast.
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The talent score sums up the unique skills of the applicants and shows the best fit for the job.

Identify your ideal candidate based on their actual skills

We also seamlessly embed soft and hard skills tests, customized to your hiring situation. This will provide you a detailed understanding of the unique skills of each applicant, and we sum up the fit for the role in an easy-to-interpret talent score.

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Simplify your hiring process around people data

Our ATS is a beacon of efficiency in a complex recruitment landscape. We simplify your hiring process around objective people data, and all interfaces are intuitive and easy-to-use. The result? Reduce time-to-hire and significantly increased recruitment efficiency.

Intuitive and easy-to-use ATS that allows you to simplify your recruitment process around objective data.

An ATS that revolutionizes the candidate experience

Fair treatment: Fair treatment: All applicants will be given a fair chance to prove if they are a match by completing the same skills tests.
Faster hiring process: Selected top talent can be informed of the hiring decision earlier due to a significantly reduced time-to-hire.
Timely feedback to all: All applicants can easily be provided feedback via embedded best practice applicant emails.
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66% of applicants will share positive/negative experiences publicly. Only 10% of applicants are informed they didn't get the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software solution designed to facilitate and manage the full recruitment process. It covers the entire hiring cycle, from sourcing and screening applicants to the final hiring decision.

An ATS works by collecting and organizing all applicant data and using this data to manage the recruitment cycle while automating a wide range of recruitment tasks. ATS features can include tracking application statuses, automating applicant screening, scheduling interviews, and generally managing applicant communication.

An ATS can improve selection by providing recruiters with objective, data-driven insights about each candidate. This helps reduce bias, streamline decision-making, and ensure the most suitable candidates are selected. At the same time, leveraging ATS recruiting data can help identify gaps in the hiring process. As a result, recruiters can make more informed decisions about their recruiting strategy.

An ATS assists HR managers by automating repetitive tasks, tracking applicant data, and providing comprehensive reports on recruitment metrics. It frees up time, allowing HR managers to focus on strategic activities and hiring the right talent. According to a Capterra study, 94% of recruiters cite improvements in their hiring process by using an ATS.

Benefits of an ATS include streamlined recruitment processes, reduced time-to-hire, improved candidate experience, and data-driven insights to improve recruitment strategies. Using an ATS also allows for better compliance and record-keeping.

The main goal of an ATS is to refine and improve the recruitment process, ensuring that finding, engaging, and hiring top talent is as efficient and effective as possible.

Access a full suite of talent assessment tests

A figure trying to understand the personality of her candidates through the TalentMesh recruitment platfom.

Personality test

Identify an applicant’s personality fit for the job based on an improved Big 5 personality test, that customizes content and scoring to the specific job function.

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