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Pre-Employment Aptitude Test

Identify future-proof top performers – without reading a single CV

Use our combination of aptitude tests designed to accurately predict an applicant’s performance. It can be used to screen all applicants. This removes biases and provides talent assessment data for every single applicant, expanding your talent pool.

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What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test is a structured way to test an individual’s knowledge and reasoning within different areas. There are many different types of aptitude tests, covering general knowledge, spatial awareness, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and many other areas. A combination of aptitude tests is also known as a cognitive ability test.

Why use an aptitude test for recruitment?

Aptitude tests are generally better at predicting job performance than resumes and job interviews, and a combination of aptitude tests can be 200-300% better. Further, if you implement aptitude tests in your screening process, you can remove unconscious biases that could negatively impact your recruitment. Lastly, aptitude test can be combined with other pre-employment tests to create even higher prediction of job performance.

A combination of aptitude tests is 3x better at predicting job performance than job interviews.

TalentMesh’s aptitude test is built for hiring

The TalentMesh aptitude test can be used to identify top performers for any role, and can be used to objectively screen all applicants, before reading a single CV. This removes unconscious biases from the recruitment process, and ensures you get talent assessment data for all applicants, so you can find “hidden” talent and expand your talent pool.

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Present Performance

High aptitude applicants are characterised by quick decision-making, good problem-solving skills and strong verbal communication.

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Future Performance

High aptitude applicants are easy to train, as they have the ability to easily digest complex information and learn new tasks.

Ask 40 well-researched workplace related questions

Predict your applicants' future job performance through rigorously tested questions, that have been selected to achieve the maximum predictive value. TalentMesh’s aptitude test combines the workplace relevant aptitudes of mathematical, logical, and verbal reasoning, and is validated by two leading PhDs in psychology. Further, the test has achieved an outstanding reliability score.

Examples of logic, mathematic and verbal aptitude test questions.
Aptitude score breakdown by the types of aptitude and relevant benchmarks.

Get actionable results in 12 short minutes.

Rank the applicants based on the aptitude score for easy decision making, or break the score down by types of aptitude for detailed applicant insights. Further, you can compare the score to relevant benchmarks that consists of the average score of invited co-workers or other invited applicants. The test can be completed in just 12 minutes.

Extensively validated with leading reliability

a figure to illustrate the first step of how questions are prepared and researched


PhDs in Psychology create questions that can assess logical, mathematical and verbal reasoning. The questions are administered to 200 participants.

a figure to illustrate the second step of how questions are now evaluated based on the responses


Based on the responses from the participants, the questions with the best psychometric properties are selected to be included the aptitude test.

a figure to illustrate the first step of how questions are prepared and researched


A leading Phd in Psychology then complies two aptitude tests with the goal of achieving maximum reliability. Both tests has achieved an outstanding reliability.

Administering it is as easy as one, two & three.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple studies have confirmed that aptitude tests are good predictors of job performance. If multiple aptitude tests are combined, they can be 200-300% better at predicting job performance, than resumes or job interviews.

A cognitive ability test is simply a combination of 2 or more aptitude tests

A structured way to test cognitive ability is to administer a cognitive ability test. However, it is important that the test has been validated by a phycologist to be reliable.

As a cognitive ability test is a combination of two or more aptitude tests, it depends on the aptitude tests included. Often a cognitive ability test will include mathematical, logical and verbal reasoning aptitude tests.

According to an Oxford Research study, cognitive ability tests are up 200-300% better at predicting job performance, than past experience or job interviews

Cognitive ability tests can improve your hiring accuracy, as they are good predictors of job performance. Further, if they administered as part of your screening process to all applicants, it can help remove unconscious biases. Moreover, it will potentially expand your talent pool, as you will have aptitude data on all applicants, and be able to find “hidden” talent

Aptitude test is just one piece of the hiring puzzle.

To find your perfect match, take advantage of our full suite of quality pre-employment tests.

A figure trying to understand the personality of her candidates through the TalentMesh recruitment platfom.

Personality test

Identify an applicant’s personality fit for the job based on an improved Big 5 personality test, that customizes content and scoring to the specific job function.

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